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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Canadian Fiat 500 unveiled

The much anticipated Canadian edition of the Fiat 500 was unveiled at the Montreal International Auto Show. The show, which runs from January 14-23, featured two Lounge models and gave Canadians their first views of the updated North American 500.

The Fiat 500 is sure to be hit in Canada, where a high value is placed on efficient, well engineered vehicles. Want proof? Last October, the first Canadian 500 Prima Edizione was auctioned off for $85,000 at a charity event. Then in November, the remaining 499 Prima Ediziones were offered for online sale and were all sold out within 12 hours.

Check out the Fiat Canada website for a list of dealers and show events. Fiat Canada website

Photos courtesy of Chrysler Media


peterjerome said...

I'm thinking the Canadian version of the 500 is pretty near identical to the U.S. version in terms of major specs. Most of the regulations have aligned. Of course we deal in kilometers for odometer and speedometer readings, but I did not think there was much else different now. It is probably more about details. It seems (from the FIAT Canada website) that our Pop model does not come standard with air conditioning or speed control. This is done to keep the prices in line with the American version. This is a bit of a scam as the US and Canadian dollar have been close in value for some time. Most auto manufacturers partake in this practice though. The woman in a white dress seems to be a constant at car shows on each side of the border.

Chris said...

Hi Peterjerome,

It's good they keep something consistent! LOL

I'm thinking the hill-holder and under seat compartment might be 2 things you're getting that haven't been mentioned in the US. I have to ask about that. Hopefully I can report on that later this month.