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Monday, November 15, 2010

First Fiat Dealership Set To Open In The US...

Motor Village in Paris

Just being reported now on the internet is the first Fiat dealership to open in the US will be a factory owned Chrysler dealership in downtown Los Angeles. The dealership, currently called Le Brea Chrysler Jeep, will be renamed Motor Village of Los Angeles and is slated to open its doors the first week in January.

The dealership is in the process of expanding from its present location (five miles west of LA) and will become a test site for the latest Chrysler dealership technologies and procedures.

The move will happen between now and the new facility’s grand opening, scheduled for Jan. 5. Until then, the store’s current location will continue to handle all sales and service business as usual.

European Fiat Boutique

Fiat showrooms will be called The Fiat Studio and according to Fiat NA, "will be inspired by modern Italian design". Motor Village will have a café, a play area for children, a cafeteria for employees and other amenities.

You can read more here

La Brea Chrysler Jeep website

Source: Automotive News, Internet


Samuel Isaacs said...

Wait, just to clarify: will La Brea Chrysler Jeep (located in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, roughly 5+ miles west from the 2025 S. Figueroa Downtown, but near Hollywod and Beverly HIlls) be closing shop and moving to this new location? As far as I understood, La Brea CJ was a local independently owned dealership, and this new location was to be owned directly by the Chrysler Group.

Since there aren't that many Chrysler dealerships on the west-side of LA, I assumed that La Brea would get a FIAT franchise, but thought that this would be separate from the one opening near the convention center. La Brea CJ currently has a dealership/service center that spans several blocks on La Brea (on fairly expensive real estate) so I find it quite strange that they would close shop and move everything downtown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

But yikes for us...La Brea Chrysler Jeep? I really hope they step up for their customer service once they open in Jan. Hopefully there be another Fiat dealership in the area.

Anonymous said...

If you read the article linked to Chris's post, La Brea CJ will be closing and is moving to the 2025 South Figueroa Street address in early January. The new name will be "Motor Village". It's a prefect place if you sak me to be 1/2 block away from LA Porsche Audi. La Brea CJ has been a Chrysler "company owned" branch for 5 years. Fiat will be in control of Chrysler soon. That can only be a good thing for USA customers.

I'll be there tomorrow at the "Cocktail Party"