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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fiat500USA Blog Hits 500,000 Page Loads

Yesterday, November 12, this blog hit a milestone, half a million page loads since I started in January 2009. I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time and visited my little corner of the internet.

I started this blog to explore the Fiat 500 and chart its arrival on North American shores. Through the past 22 month journey, together we have explored the company, the technology and the design of the 500 and touched on other Fiat Group companies.

But, we're not done. Now that the 500 is almost here, bringing with it the answers to all the speculation about the North American 500, we're about to enter a new phase of this blog; investigating the 500 up close and the ownership experience.

With the purchase of my 500, we'll be able to go in depth and see what makes the 500 tick.

Stick around because there's a lot more in store.


James Bong said...

Fiat has added it's name to the list of exhibitors at the San Francisco Auto Show

I scored a pass for the press/VIP night and will be taking a lot of pictures!

peterjerome said...

Congratulations Chris on the half million page loads. It isn't surprising though, as it is an awesome site. I'm sure I type on behalf of a lot of enthusiasts by thanking you for your efforts here. If I ever meet Laura Soave I am going to suggest she buy you (an Italian) dinner. In the October 27 edition of Autocar magazine (from Britain) there is an article on the FIAT powered Abarth roadster. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris! As they say "Knowledge is Power" and you helping bring that to all of us! Keep up the great work... Fiat USA should offer you a job maintaining their website! Vlad

Anonymous said...

Congrat Chris....of course I think about 100k views are from me alone :)

We appreciate the site and all your efforts. Can't wait for the 17th to arrive.


sjmst said...

Congrats! I check this site everyday. It is THE one stop info source on the 500. Thanks!

Don said...

Great milestone Chris! I too try and check in daily. You've done an amazing job gathering Fiat facts for everyone, for that, I thank you!

Anonymous said...


I stumbled on this blog while looking for information on when Fiat was bring the 500 to the USA. That was Monday Sept 27, 2010. I had no idea there was this much knowledge out there, thank you! I signed up that day for information and added my name to the wait list for one of the 500 Prima Edizione cars. Now I have #241 and will be attending the launch Cocktail Party tomorrow.

I fell in lust with the Fiat 500 while in Rome on vacation in 2008. I told my wife I would have one if they ever came to the USA. I would have never thought it would also be a "Prima Edizione"

Thanks again! said...

Wow, I am humbled by all the these comments. I do this blog in appreciation of you, my guests, whom I hope to entertain.

I am lucky to have such an interesting and thoughtful group visitors.

Mille grazie,