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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fiat dealer update

Some of us may be wondering when the official list of Fiat dealers will come, and maybe what's taking so long.

Here's what's typically going on in the background that we don't see. This was an update on a pending Fiat dealer's Facebook page:

"...Hey everyone, an update for you all following, we have sent our facility proposal to Chrysler for final approval. We should know in a few short days if we are cleared to go to the township for their approval, after that approval the construction will start. It's getting closer, make sure you let your friends know about us!!!"

So as we can see, it's not a simple "here are the keys" process. In addition, folks need to be hired and trained, tools purchased, parts stocked, etc., etc. We can see why the announcements will come later. We're just at the very, very beginning of all this, so hang in there!

While you're waiting, why not browse this site and become an expert on the 500. Remember the North American 500 will be somewhat different than the European car. Knowing the Euro 500 will make it easier to spot the differences and improvements in the NA 500.

With thanks to Golling Fiat's Facebook page


XDCX said...

Here's a link to a thread on DealershipForum that lists the Fiat Dealer Locations:

So far there's 30 dealers listed - only about a quarter of the points Chrysler's expected to fill initially.