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Friday, November 5, 2010

Fiat 500 Prima Edizione preliminary photos

The Fiat 500 Prima Edizione comes in Red, White and Grey. Here are pictures of all three colors together for your convenience.

European Fiat 500 has a similar stripe option without the 500 logo

The stripe is the variation of the one that is available in other parts of the world, with the neat addition of the 500 script on the rear quarter panel.

European Fiat 500 with stripe

We'll know all about the Fiat 500 Prima Edizione on November 17th, so mark your calenders!

Source: Fiat Group Press/Fiat NA


Johnny Flosser said...

My co-worker said I remind him of a VW commercial. The one with the little car attached to his head. I can't wait until my 500 is sitting in front of my house. First saw it in person in 2009 in Europe and haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. I thought to myself, "That'll never come to the States".

Laura in New England said...

Me too! A friend gave me an old Fiat leather keychain and another friend brought me back from Venice a tiny metal Fiat keychain. Now i just need the key to the real car!!
I've been coveting this car since 2008, and wrote to Fiat a couple of times wondering if they ever had plans on bringing it here. Then the Fiat-Chrysler deal! I was so giddy, I called the Chrysler dealer here in town. Needless to say, their response was "huh?" and "can we interest you in another car?" and "are you sure?"
Thank you Chris for all the effort you put on this blog. Keeps us sane AND whets our appetite!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the red Prima it looks to be a darker red (not the bright red I was hoping for). I sure hope it is just the way the picture turn out and it is a bright red in real life! Vlad

RT-CA said...

FYI: I saw a grey Fiat 500 in Santa Monica a few days ago. It looked like it had the white shipping stickers on the hood and rear that cars have when they get to dealerships.

I would've taken a photo, but I didn't realize what I was looking at until it was about to pass me.

I'm not sure why it was driving around SoCal, but it looked like it was heading towards PCH. Maybe it was a tuning drive or something.

But I could tell that it looked awesome, even with the stickers. I can't wait for the reveal myself. Hopefully they also announce the Abarth at the same time

Craig said...

I agree. I hope the red is a bright red, it will stand out more with the stripe.

Anonymous said...

the pics are just CG images. if you look closely, the wheels in the pics of the red car are the same but SMALLER than those of the gray and white car. just an image......thats all. I don't believe Fiat offers more than one "red" in their 500 lineup, so you should be fine with your BRIGHT red wishes.

Anonymous said...

Fiat has higher res images up on their facebook site now, perhaps Chris can change out these low res images :) (why Fiat doesn't have a "real" site by now is can only do so much with a facebook site as your only site.)