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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiat dealer announcement coming soon

The announcement of which Chrysler dealers will be awarded the Fiat dealer franchise could come as early as tomorrow, October 15.

Chrysler expects to name 165 dealers in 119 U.S. markets to sell the Fiat 500. In contrast, there are 95 MINI dealers in the country.

While we're waiting for the announcement, read up about the process and what the requirements are in my previous postings here.

Fernando Falcon, Champion Chrysler, Indianapolis, IN

Michael Bettenhausen of Bettenhausen Motors, Tinley Park, IL

Winston Pittman, Cardinal Chrysler, Louiseville, KY

Kent Richey, Landers Chrysler-Dodge, Southaven, MS

Joseph Laham, Premier Cape Cob, Hyannis, MA

Source: Chrysler Media


kbob said...

Nice driving lights on that rally car!

Any idea whether or where we could buy those?

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern is some bloated old guard 65 year old Chrysler salesmen with a coffee stained shirt being used to sell Fiats. It ruins the whole concept. We all know the characterstics of a typical car salesmen is for Chrysler cars and it just doesn't fit the mold of what Fiat is all about. When I think of Fiat, I think of Italy and what it stands for, passion, style and heart and the salesman at your typical Chrysler dealer just don't fit that mold.

Anonymous said...

This is extremely exciting! Hope it happens tomorrow! Do you have any news on when we'll know what exterior colors will be offered and when dealerships will actually begin to take orders or sell the cars? Thanks for the great blog!