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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

500 TwinAir, the iPad and iPhone app that introduces you to the most eco-friendly petrol engine in the world

Last week I wrote about the new iPad and iPhone app for the TwinAir (read here). Now Fiat has just released more details (in English) of this interesting program. A reminder is that this is currently available only in Italian but, by the end of the month, an English version will follow.

No word if the app will be available for the Android or Blackberry market, but we can hope.

Below is the press release on the 500TwinAir app:

In the Apple Store: “500 TwinAir”, the iPad application that introduces you to the most eco-friendly petrol engine in the world

Fiat proves to be keeping pace with new trends in the digital world, launching its first iPad application, dedicated to the two-cylinder TwinAir engine, developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies and fitted on the Fiat 500 model (saloon and cabrio).

Available in the future also for iPhone, the new application is free and is currently one of the most innovative in the Apple Store. What’s more, just as the TwinAir engine results from technology “made in Italy”, the “500 TwinAir” application is 100% Italian, developed by an Italian team within the company Applix.

Currently available in Italian (within the end of October, English, French, Spanish and German will follow), the original application’s games and interactive features allow the engine’s innovative characteristics to be discovered: cutting-edge eco-sustainability, savings, performance and technological solutions encased in this gem of automotive technology, the new benchmark for the sector. Suffice it to say that the 85 HP TwinAir is the turbo petrol engine with the lowest emission levels in the world: 92 g/km with Dualogic robotized gearbox and 95 g/km with manual gearbox.

The user is welcomed with a choice of two navigation modes: one more traditional, with a series of tiles for browsing, and one more lively, where the 3D engine itself becomes an interactive menu.

The application can take you through an interactive time line of Fiat’s technological innovations which represent turning points in research related to eco-sustainable performance – from the Fire engine to Common Rail, from MultiJet to the most recent MultiAir – thus allowing you to experience the milestones that have led up to the birth of TwinAir.

A dedicated section allows users to discover important innovations in “eco-supremacy”: from 2007, of Europe’s ten best-selling automotive brands, Fiat Automobiles is the one which has recorded the lowest average value of CO2 emissions for cars sold (in the first half of 2010, 123.5 g/km). This achievement has been recognized by JATO, world leader in consulting and research for the automotive industry.

The “500 TwinAir” application also allows the engine to be examined internally, “taking it apart piece by piece”, while, in the special “Discovery Deck” section, users can find every detail on why this engine is a true technological gem. It also takes a moment to parody ’70s videogame Pong, showing how TwinAir – thanks to its winning consumption, emission and performance characteristics – “beats” higher category 4-cylinder engines. An example? When compared with the 100 HP 1.4 engine, the 85 HP TwinAir delivers a torque increase of 25% at 2,000 rpm despite a reduction of 30% in fuel consumption. All this ensures greater satisfaction at the wheel and reduced emissions.

Other games, including a driving simulator that recreates the experience of being at the wheel of your own 500, invite the user to compose messages that explain the advantages of driving a 500 TwinAir. And to top it off, a homage to the sound of this truly unique engine, which recalls the agreeable two-cylinder engine of the 1957 Fiat 500, to the accompaniment of a cult instrument every bit as timeless as the Fiat 500: a 1934 Fender Stratocaster.

More information on the web: Official TwinAir website

Download the app here

Courtesy Fiat Group Press

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