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Monday, August 23, 2010

How is the rust proofing on the new Fiat 500?

Rust is not an issue on modern Fiats, they are among the most rust resistant cars you can buy.

Some of the anti-corrosion steps taken on the new Fiat 500
  • Coated steels
  • Electrophoretic Painting Process (E-Coat) submersive primer on the complete body
  • Body sealing to eliminate water and air intrusion where panels join
  • Structural adhesives in some joints
  • Chip resistant, powder coat primer applications on the entire body
  • Electrostatic Paint application
  • Underbody corrosion protection
  • Automated “PVC” sealant application

Besides sprayed on rust proof coatings, panels galvanized on both sides account for 90% of the 500's body weight.

In particular, all the parts that make up the chassis and the most exposed to corrosive agents, are 100% galvanized.

Of these, the structures defined as safety structures, such as the suspension mountings and reinforcements for the seat belts, are made from panels with a high zinc thickness, up to 20 microns.

All the body panels for the doors, bonnet, boot lid, side panels, wings and roof are made entirely from 8 micron galvanized steel.

The exception is some of the inner parts of the passenger compartment because there is no risk at all of oxidation such as, for example, the dashboard mounting brackets.

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Source: Fiat SpA
Pictures: Fiat Group Press


LauraInNewEngland said...

Wondering if you could do a blog post on Blue&Me and iPhone/PDA compatibility. I noticed that from the UK site, B&M isn't compatible with Apple's 4G (I suspect this will change? But how soon?) and there's no mention of the Droid...
Thanks and love your blog... eagerly awaiting the launch!

Michael Riffert said...

Please don't make me go to Allentown, PA for my Cinquecento. Already talked to 2 local Chrysler dealers. Remember that in the 80's your biggest US dealer (Henry Mearig) was in rural PA where I live.

Rusty said...

Wow, awesome info Chris. I'm expecting to keep this car for ages once I get it.

Daniël Mantione said...

Blue&Me originates from Microsoft. Both the Apple mobile OS and the Android mobile OS are competitors to Microsoft, Microsoft wants Windows CE on phones.

Maybe Microsoft will bow to pressure to support Apple phones, but it's not something they particulary like to invest into. I'd say the importance FIAT gives to it themselves will be very important.