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Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy weekend: Fiat 500's 3rd Birthday, new online Fiat Store opening and TwinAir debut all on July 4th

Fiat 500 intro on July 4th, 2007

This July 4th marks the Fiat 500's 3rd birthday. To celebrate, Fiat will open a new online store and held a contest on The launch of the 500 in 2007 was quite spectacular, you can view the original launch videos here and while you're at it, watch last years birthday celebration here.

Other big news is the new 2 cylinder "TwinAir" engine will make its debut on July 4th. The TwinAir produces the lowest CO2 emission of any gasoline engine available. You can read more about the TwinAir here.

Below is the official press release on the latest weekend happenings:

The new Fiat Store opens: from 4th July, the coolest items are purchased online

From 4th July, the world of Fiat and 500 will be even closer to Community members, Facebook fans (more than 100,000 today and counting) and all enthusiasts with the new Fiat Store, a site entirely dedicated to Fiat and 500 product online shopping (

With its cool, captivating graphics, the store has a clear white and red interface for making finding the items you want even more pleasant. Simple and straightforward to navigate, the Fiat Store opening has inspired the creation of unique designer items and a series of collections that simply cannot be missed.

It is the right place to confidently buy all the items branded Fiat and 500 you want: merchandising and licensing products, accessories for all Fiat cars and items specifically designed and created for the 500.

All items for sale have quality, Italian flair and stylishness in common and are divided into four sections to assist searches and to introduce the entire collection as conveniently as possible.

The categories - "500 World", "For You", "For your Friends" and "For your Car" - contain other 130 products: clothing, accessories, gift items, models, leather goods, special items and more than 200 accessories for your Fiat.

The opening of the Fiat Store will celebrate an important date: it is both the anniversary of the 500 and the debut of the 500 TwinAir, the new model equipped with a revolutionary 85 HP (900 cc) turbo two-cylinder engine with the lowest CO2 emission of a petrol power unit (92 g/km with a Dualogic robotized gearbox and 95 g/km with manual gearbox) without skimping on performance or driving pleasure. An exclusive product-icon dedicated to the new Fiat 500 TwinAir and made by Independent Ideas will be available to all store users.

Designed to promote and sell exclusive, original items meeting the high quality standards required by the Fiat Group and to fight counterfeiting, the online store will be complemented by links to the Official Fiat web site, to Web Communities and to Fiat Clubs, in addition to Facebook and other social networks, like Twitter and Friendfeed.

Always during the birthday celebrations, Fiat 500 fans will be able to enjoy themselves with the “happy roads” initiative. Users on will be able to choose among 4 different playlists their favorite songs and “sing-along” with a new interactive player. The 4 playlists are named after the 500 trim levels (rock, lounge, pop and sport) and follow the user’s mood. Recording a video will also be possible: the nicest and funnier ones will be uploaded on the website, voted by the users and shared on Facebook. When a video gets up to 10 votes, the author wins the possibility to download the playlist tracks he selects on his 500 Blue&Me Pen, to sing along in the car.

Turin, 1st July 2010
With thanks to Fiat Group Press

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What are the chances of the TwinAir coming to the U.S.?