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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fiat at the 2010 New York International Auto Show

Here are some random shots taken at the 2010 New York International Auto Show. The show is on from April 2 through April 11 and I definitely recommend checking it out. Besides the great cars, the Fiat and Chrysler presenters were fantastic looking...


Rusty said...

Ah, can't wait for the production to start!

So I was looking at the 5 (I think) A500 colors, the regular white, grey and red, the pearlescent white, and the what I think was a metallic black?

Most of the pictures of "crossover black" 500's apppear closer to the tone of the regular gloss colors to me like this.

So I was thinking this is just how metallic is, and it isn't as shimmery as I thought it would be. But then there are examples of the 500 in colors like the grey/silver in your post, or the black abarth 500 that was at the Detroit show.

I thought I knew what metallic looked like. But now I'm not so sure. Are the colors like the black paint on the abarth's at the Detroit auto show an exception? Or did I hear wrong that the crossover black color option for the A500 is metallic? said...

Hi Rusty,

The Abarth at Detroit was painted Nero Scorpione which is the same as Crossover Black.

Paint code: 891 Crossover Black = Nero Provocatore = Nero Scorpione

This color has a high amount of metal flake. Currently, all the black colors are metallic for the 500. said...

Hi Rusty,

The Abarth in the link you sent is the same, but the metallic didn't show up in the photo.

Best regards, Chris

Rusty said...

Thanks a lot Chris, I was wondering if some metallic colors on cars just show up more than others, like it's very apparent in the spruce mica camry but it does make sense with the thousands of varied quality abarth pics on flickr

but thanks a lot, assuming there aren't any other colors, ill be choosing between campovolo grey and the metallic black, just need those fiat showrooms to start popping up in oregon. said...

Hi Rusty,

I know what you're saying about the metallic showing up.

Lighting makes a big difference. Inside the Auto Show, the grey Fiat 500 didn't look as metallic as it does in the pictures.

I had tons of lighting issues there at the show, plus I had new camera, I didn't have my glasses and the cars were on a moving turntable. It drove me crazy and I took 350 pictures.

When I got home, I was surprised how much metallic the cars looked, but the show lights where huge and some pics were with the flash.

The metal flakes in the paint of new cars catch a LOT of light!

Anyway, the cars are getting closer. I would say in 6 months or so, dealers will be getting it together.

Rusty said...

woot (: