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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fiat at Geneva: The World I’d Like...

The Fiat stand this year at the Geneva Motor show was quite attractive. The theme was "The World I’d Like" seen through the eyes of children. The concept is to "listen" to the little ones who will be making the world big one day.

This display has won the "2010 Creativity Award" at the auto show for its colorful and playful world with clear connotations of childhood.

Below is the Press release from Fiat on the award and about the stand and Fiat's vision for the future. You'll see from the videos that it was a spectacular display:

The Fiat Automobiles stand at the recent Geneva Motor Show has received the “2010 Creativity Award” for its original design and innovative display concepts. Now in its seventh year, this sought-after award is presented by the “Club de publicité et communication de Genève”. The aim of the award is to reward creative and innovative stand design, to focus attention on quality and practicality and, of course, to attract greater attention from the public. The main criterion applied to choosing the winner is always the originality of the stand itself.

This year the jury chose the Fiat stand, announcing that “Fiat took a chance and created a display area outside classical, conventional schemes. The stand welcomed visitors to the Motor Show into a colorful and playful world with clear connotations of childhood.

Colorful rainbow themes decorated not only the walls but the floor too, with rainbow bridges and colored carpets. The overall effect was extremely attractive and clearly visible even from a distance.

The jury’s attention was attracted particularly by Fiat’s original and innovative color configurator.

Two bridges provided visitors to the stand with an overview of all the models on display.

Though technically simple, the stand was extremely well-conceived.

The jury has also noted that Fiat makes an effort to distinguish itself from other brands every year”.

This year’s original stand was based on the concept of “The World I’d Like”, seen through the eyes of children. As a company, Fiat is looking to the future and therefore eager to listen to the wishes of children today, because they will grow up to make tomorrow’s world a great place to live.

The stand was therefore drawn up using the children’s ideas, and expressed their imaginations and hopes for a future in which respect for the environment will play an ever greater role. The result was a bright and happy area where houses floated on clouds and a huge rainbow welcomed visitors into the Fiat world.

At the center of the stand, a practical but playful 500 configurator reflected the mood of the rest of the display area. Between the houses and clouds of the children’s dream city were spaces for the latest developments in automobile technology – cars that have taken a giant step towards sustainable mobility. Fiat has always been dedicated to the cause of environmental protection, as the latest recognition from JATO demonstrates. In a survey of the products of the ten best selling automobile brands in Europe, Fiat again emerged as the brand with the lowest average CO2 emissions for cars sold in 2009, at only 127.8 g/km (even better than the 133.7 g/km of 2008). This is the third year running for Fiat to top the list.

Part 1 of the Fiat Press conference at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Part 2 is below.

A fundamental contribution to this impressive result comes from the dramatic growth in sales of cars powered by methane, the most ecological and economical of fuels available today. The forward-looking decision to develop methane-fueled vehicles, taken over ten years ago, has established Fiat as the unquestioned leaders in OEM methane-fueled vehicles in Europe, with around 350,000 units already sold. We should not forget that Fiat is the first and only manufacturer to offer, in its Natural Power range, a total of 14 models of cars and commercials designed to meet the mobility requirement of a truly broad public, including retailers, tradesmen and distributors.

Part 2 of the Fiat press conference at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show

Fiat’s ecological supremacy is the result of long-term strategy based on two main pillars. Firstly Fiat offers a wide choice of high-tech solutions for reducing consumption and emissions, including the brand-new Twin-Air two-cylinder engine, the revolutionary MultiAir engines, second generation Multijet turbo-diesels, alternative dual-fuel (petrol-LPG and petrol-methane) engines and the innovative Start&Stop system. Secondly, Fiat puts a great deal of effort into making customers more aware of their responsibilities and helping them drive more ecologically. This is the philosophy behind the development of eco:Drive, the innovative software that works via the USB port of the Blue&Me system and analyzes driving style to optimize consumption and emissions.

Turin, 18th March 2010
With thanks to Fiat Group Press and Fiat on the Web

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