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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alfa Romeo for Maserati...

Alfa Romeo will supply the Maserati dealer network with 100 customer service cars. These cars will be upgraded with exclusive features and equipped with the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo engine with the same specs as the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde (read about the Quadrifoglio Verde here).

The MiTo had been scheduled to come to America, but with the recent announcement by Sergio Marchionne that Alfa Romeo will undergo a product review, the planned arrival of the MiTo is up in the air. I'll have more on this in an upcoming post, in the meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the MiTo and the official Maserati press release below.

Maserati and Alfa Romeo: two icons of Italy's world-famous automotive industry representing sportiness, technology and elegance.

One hundred Alfa Romeo MiTos produced exclusively for the Maserati service network will soon be seen on roads all over Europe. Maserati has chosen the Alfa Romeo MiTo as the new courtesy car for its customers, connoisseurs of Italian style with a keen eye for originality.

The special-purpose cars will be styled in the exclusive Maserati Blu Oceano (deep Blue), and fitted with a sparky 1.4 MultiAir Turbobenzina engine (170 hp) - the most powerful engine in the MiTo range.

The cars will not only be distinguished by their unique color, but also by two other exclusive features: the "Limited Edition" plaque on the air conditioning unit, and the kick plate made from specially treated aluminum, bearing the words Alfa Romeo for Maserati.

The 100 cars will also have a series of high-end details, supplied as standard: Pelle Frau upholstery, automatic dual-zone climate control, leather steering wheel complete with radio and telephone controls, a radio navigator covering the whole of Europe, and a hands-free Blue&Me system including USB port and... headlights.

The MiTo for Maserati also has a racing temperament. The 18' alloy wheels, rear spoiler, rear bumper and aluminum pedals are all fitted as standard.

All the cars will come with Dynamic Suspension, the advanced electronic shock absorber control system that actively varies the set-up to reflect the road conditions and driving style, to guarantee rapid cornering and excellent handling.

Through this partnership with Alfa Romeo, Maserati's European network will be able to offer customers a special car that reflects its own philosophy, where each choice is the product of the utmost attention and care paid to every detail is meticulously and attentively chosen.

Turin, 26th January 2010

Press release courtesy of Maserati Media


Kiran Gordhan said...

I'd buy a Maserati just for the courtesy car. Holy god, man. I am in love with your blog, your writing, presentation, the photos, the updates. Stumbling on this is the greatest that's happened since I saw Cinquecento a little over a month ago, or so in NYC. Just have to say thanks and well done! this site is now my homepage. said...

Thanks Kiran, you are too kind! Wow, I'm a homepage, how cool is that!

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