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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fiat Ducato and Iveco Daily being considered for the USA...

Fiat Ducato

Chrysler has confirmed it is considering the Fiat Ducato and Iveco Daily to replace the Dodge Sprinter.

Dodge Sprinter

The Sprinter is a commercial van produced by Mercedes for Chrysler here in the USA. Now that the partnership with Mercedes is winding down, it's natural that Fiat will fill the void with it's own similar vehicles.

The Ducato competes with the Sprinter in Europe, being a similar type of vehicle. Starting price for the Sprinter is near $40,000 while the Fiat in Europe starts under $30,000.

Fiat Ducato Minibus

The Ducato size runs from 195.4 to 250.5 inches compared to the Sprinter's 232.5 to 273.2 inches. Payload on the Ducato ranges from 2513 to 4078 lbs in comparison to the Sprinter's 3616 to 4530 lbs.

Iveco Daily

Iveco is Fiat's truck and commercial-vehicle subsidiary. The Iveco Daily is a heavy duty vehicle with payloads much greater than the Sprinter's, coming in at between 6327 to 8024 lbs. The Daily size is closer starting a little smaller at 215.7 inches to a little larger at 276.1 inches.

Iveco Daily Chassis-cab

Either vehicle is a huge step forward compared to the GM and Ford vans in the market place. Those vans are rehashed 1960's designs.


cRiPpLe_rOoStEr a.k.a. Kamikaze said...

I believe the easiest option for Fiat to replace the Sprinter will be the Ducato, since it's cheaper, the handling is improved and the cargo platform is lower, easing load and unload operations.

Anonymous said...

I drive the Ducato 120 Multijet here in Germany and i really like this model. The Van does not need more then 11 Liters of Diesel no matter how i drive it, its comfortable like a car. I would really like to see it with the front of a dodge, that´ll be nice. The Sprinter of course runs here as a Mercedes, some order the dodge grill to replace the mercedes grill here...

Anonymous said...

We use both the Ducato and Iveco models at work and also a few Sprinters from Mercedes.
They work very well all of them.
We drive them about 120 000km a year. We replace them when they reach 5 years.
We've had no major problems with any of the models. They are serviced at the required intervals and that's it.
I have a RV based on a Ducato cab and chassis. I've had it for 3 years now. I just love it. I drive all over Europe with it.
These models are solid and based on well proven technology.

Anonymous said...

Bring them to the US and I mean now