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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Fiat that could be sold in the US

Chrysler execs have been looking at another Fiat with the interest of selling that model along side the Fiat 500 in a Chrysler revival. Currently Chrysler doesn't have a small sedan since they discontinued the Neon in 2005. The Dodge Caliber replaced the Neon but is a small 5 door hatchback/Mini SUV.

Fiat Bravo in action

Fiat Bravo

One model that comes up in the discussion is the Fiat Bravo. The Fiat Bravo comes as a 5 door hatchback but would be redesigned in the US by Chrysler as a 4 door sedan. Fiat would provide the chassis and Chrysler would add the 4 door sedan sheet metal.

Fiat Bravo Interior

The Fiat Bravo offers high style but with a lot of substance. Fiat Bravo has been awarded the prestigious five star Euro NCAP rating, placing it at the top of its category for safety, with a total score of 33 points. This is an important accolade which, together with the similar ratings given to the Grande Punto and Fiat Croma, is confirmation of the commitment of Fiat Automobiles SpA to all aspects of driver and passenger protection.

The Fiat Bravo is known as the benchmark in its category in terms of style and also, increasingly, for its proven substance and state-of-the-art technology. Examples include the introduction of the powerful Turbo T-jet petrol units and the revolutionary 1.6 Multijet diesel engine; the introduction of the innovative Dualogic sequential gearbox; the use and application of the most sophisticated systems and devices for passenger protection and for control of the car's dynamic behavior, as evidenced by the introduction as standard of a state-of-the-art ESP (Electronic Stability Program) device.

The Fiat Bravo would be definitely be an asset to the New Chrysler lineup in the future.

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