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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Fiat 500 PUR-O2

Fiat 500 PUR-O2

The new PUR-O2 version, Euro5 approved, boasts the lowest carbon footprint of the Fiat 500 gasoline range (CO2 =113 g/km) and the “eco:Drive” system. Version Pur-02 with Pop interior is the environment-friendly alternative to the Lounge, fitted with the pr oven 1.2 liter gasoline power plant and “Start&Stop”, a device controlling momentary engine shutdown with vehicle stationary at idle and subsequent re-ignition when moving off.

In such conditions, typical of congested urban areas imposing frequent stops at traffic lights, control logics permitting, the system shuts down the engine automatically, thereby bringing about significant fuel savings (reductions for urban cycle of up to 12%). As soon as the brake pedal is released or a gear is selected, the system immediately restarts the engine ensuring instant control response. Start&Stop also assures extra interior comfort by minimizing noise and vibration. Here is a hi-tech solution to the demand for low-impact, energy efficient cars.

Fiat 500 with Dualogic Transmission

Start&Stop may be coupled to the Dualogic transmission which makes for optimum gear shifting and ensures the highest mechanical efficiency. Drivetrain automation provides a basis for ‘intelligent’ management of engine on/engine off status, resulting in further increased fuel savings and smaller CO2 footprint (as low as 110 g/km). Through clutch control, the system will cut off powerplant from drivetrain and shut down the engine whenever traction is not needed.

The 500 Pur-O2 comes with “eco:Drive”, an innovative Fiat software incorporating Blue&Me which monitors driving style and provides useful hints on how to save fuel and reduce emissions. For further information please go to

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