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Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Jim Romano (MrFiat) said...

Hi Chris. Great job !!! As a veteran Abarth owner of almost 50 years (same car), I'm getting pretty excited about finally being able to get an updated companion. I have some photos and some unique insights into the marque that you might find interesting and possibly even appropriate for the Abarth section of your site. Haven't figured out how to post pictures here, so I'd be happy to send them along to you via email if you're interested. Again, Great job !! I love what you're doing here.
Jim Romano

SeattleJeremy said...

I can't find your email address, and I know it says not to post links, but please take a look at this.
It's an interview conducted by Autoline Detroit of Laura Soave, President, Fiat North America.
The interview answered several questions I had about the Fiat 500, and I thought you would enjoy it as well.


Anonymous said...

who will be the first dealership in the us to sell the fiat500?
can i place a order now?

Italo Orrù said...

mi chiamo Italo Orrù e sono un atleta italiano che a giugno del 2011 deve fare una gara podistica negli Stati Uniti ... Da Los Angeles a Las Vegas in 70 giorni percorrendo 5000 Km .
In questa gara una persona mi seguira' per darmi assistenza con un'auto.
Visto che negli USA nel 2011 verranno pubblicizzate le FIAT elettriche o GPL , mi potresti mettere in contatto con qualcuno del marketing o qualche concessionaria che siano interessati a concedermi un'auto pubblicitaria a basso consumo energetico.
Il progetto si chiamerebbe " Coast to Coast low Cost " e penso avrebbe grande possibilita' di visibilita' nei media .
grazie per l'attenzione
i miei contatti
a presto
Italo Orrù

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
I love your website! I've been following the info on the "PRIMA EDIZIONE" Fiat 500's. Can you tell me or can you have a Poll to see how many "Prima Edizione's" are going to each State! Thanks, W30man

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
I am a FIAT Specialist and find your website to be amazing! So much information and I just want to thank you for all of the time you put into the website.

Thank you

Anonymous said...


I took delivery if Prima # 241 at 7:15PM today 3/14/2011. I was told the first one in Northern California!


Dave Mitchell

Anonymous said...

My Fiat dealer says my Prima 500 is in Orlando waiting on Dealer stickers from Fiat. They cannot be delivered without them? It has been two weeks since they said my car would be available? Has anyone heard this and do we know how many of the Prima Edizione have been delivered. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thankyou, #407 said...

Hi #407,

That is correct, it's a federal law: "A fine of up to US $10,000 per vehicle plus one year in jail for each offense is authorized if the sticker is missing". Taken from Wikipedia:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

Hi MS#407,

Please repost your comment without your email address. Don't forget to join the forum to interact with folks in real time.

(I don't like to post email addresses here because of security and other reasons)

Eric said...

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